Dear 7th Grade Students and Parents/Guardians,

 Congratulations on your successful completion of elementary school!  This year will be an exciting time with so many wonderful experiences to look forward to in junior-senior high school.  New teachers, different classrooms, varying expectations, and new friendships can also be a little intimidating.  

In the past, we held in-person Jr./Sr. High Orientations for 7th graders.  However, we’ve found a more efficient way to prepare our students, while also respecting your time as families. Student schedules are being mailed tomorrow, August 25th.  On August 31st, 2021 between 12:30 pm and 3 pm families will be welcome to come in and tour the building, walk student’s schedules, ask questions, etc.  Everything else we would have covered at orientation has been condensed into videos families can watch as they have the time.  Just take out your phone, scan the QR code and it will take you to a handful of videos.  If you struggle to open the QR code, just check out our Facebook feed or click this link.

QR Code to Videos

1. Principal’s Welcome

2. School Counselor: Expectations, Courses, Expectations, etc.

3. How to read your schedule

4. How to open your locker

5. Tech Presentation: Why we give out laptops and what you need to get one.  

I will be out of the office until August 31st, enjoy the last days of summer.  If you have any questions, please call or email me on the 31st.  I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Mr. Busch
Jeff Busch
8-12 School Counselor
Richfield Springs Central School District
President - Herkimer County Counselors Association
315-858-0610 ext. 2352