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Rene' Wilson

Rene' Wilson , 5 days ago

This is a note about the new travel rules put in place on November 4, 2020. Anyone who travels to a state that is NOT one that borders or touches New York may “test out” of the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Travel to and from states next to New York (Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) do not have to quarantine. Anyone who was in another state, one that DOES NOT TOUCH NY, for more than 24 hours MUST

*get a COVID-19 diagnostic or rapid test 3 days before leaving that state

*When back in New York, fill out the travel form, and quarantine for 3 days; and on the 4th day get another COVID-19 test, NOT rapid, the school can only take ANTIBODY LONG TEST

*If both tests are (-) negative you can go to work or school

*If you were in a state for less than 24 hours no test before you leave, but you MUST fill out your travel form AND when back in New York wait 4 days, then get a COVID-19 ANTIBODY LONG TEST

*Based on the results of that test, the DOH (Department of Health) will tell you what you can do next

Thank you for following the rules so that we can all stay safe and healthy and continue to teach your children in person. Have a nice Thanksgiving; rest and enjoy the family.

Richfield Springs CSD

Richfield Springs CSD, 6 days ago

Check out what some of our 8th graders created in ceramics class a couple of weeks ago! They had to construct a mug or bowl using coils, finishing with some cool glazes. They are so talented!!!!

Richfield Springs CSD

Richfield Springs CSD, 7 days ago

Congratulations to our Elementary Scholars and Star Students!!

Richfield Springs CSD

Richfield Springs CSD, 7 days ago

Congratulations to the students who made the Principal's List, Honor Roll, and Merit Roll for the first quarter!

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