Take Action - Federal Funding and the State Budget

In order to continue to provide quality instruction to students during this pandemic and beyond, school districts must receive sufficient aid from both the state and federal government, distributed in an equitable and timely manner.

At the federal level, NYSSBA asks that New York receive billions in stimulus funding for state and local governments, as well as additional targeted funding for school districts.

At the state level, NYSSBA calls on the state lawmakers to reject proposed state aid cuts and warns against the overreliance on federal funds, which could create multi-billion dollar funding cliffs in years to come.

The Governmental Relations team invites you to Take Action by reaching out to your state and federal representatives as they actively engage in budget negotiations. We have created two letters that you may edit with district-specific information, or send just as they are. Simply click on the links below and follow the prompts.  You are welcome to share these letters with members of your community.