The Board of Education at Richfield Springs Central School approved a guideline stating that beginning in the 2004-2005 school year, grades will be weighted for the more difficult courses offered at RSCS. (Board Policy 8105) The purpose of this system is to reward students for challenging themselves and to prevent students from being penalized for taking harder courses. The weighted GPA will be used to determine class rank for scholarship and college reporting purposes only. For instance, the unofficial rank will be used to award the NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence each year. The official rank will not be determined until the completion of the second quarter of a cohort's Senior year. Weighted grades are not used on report cards, or for merit, honor, or Principal's lists.

The weighting system is broken down as follows:

  • AP - 1.09 (none currently being offered)

  • College Now Courses - 1.07

  • Advanced Coursework - 1.05

  • 1.07 College Now Courses via Herkimer College

  • Calculus, US History & Government 1/2, English 1 College Writing, English 2 Introduction to Literature, French 1/2, Spanish 1/2, Ceramics, Drawing, Computer Graphics, Sociology, Psychology

  • 1.05 Advanced Regents Coursework

  • Regents Chemistry, Spanish 3, French 3, Regents Physics, Regents Earth Science, Math 2 (Regents Geometry), Math 3 (Regents Algebra II/Trigonometry), Math 12x (Pre-Calc)


  • This means that a student who earns an 87 in College Now English will have a 93 (87 x 1.07) factored into his/her GPA.