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Each year the School Counselor presents a "Paying for College" session to our Seniors. This includes providing each senior access to a variety of resources through their Google Drive account. Below are a few highlights to keep in mind when looking to pay for college. We also introduce key topics such as college affordability in lower grades.

Most students attending college after high school will need some sort of financial assistance. There are two primary ways to apply for Financial Aid. One is the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) The other is the CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile. Must students will only do the FAFSA, but students applying to selective colleges may have to do the CSS too. When you apply for FAFSA/CSS there are three potential types of assistance you may be eligible to receive:

  • Grants: This is money you do not have to pay back. This type of ward goes to only those that qualify as having economic need.

  • Scholarships: Again this is money that you don't have to pay back. We have two links to the left of this text devoted to scholarships.

    • Check Out the NYS Excelsior Scholarship Link Below...The scholarship is a tuition-free college option for many families in NY when the FAFSA/TAP Grants above aren't enough.

    • Click Here for more on scholarships such as the Clark Foundation.

    • Click Here for an extensive list of local scholarships curated by Mrs. Oakes.

  • Loans: Not all loans are created equal. (i.e. Stafford, Perkins vs. Parent Plus Loans) The school counselor will explain some of the differences students should be aware of. However, all loans must be paid back regardless of whether or not you complete your education.

  • Work-Study: A federally funded program in which students are assigned an on-campus job while in college where they earn money based on how many hours they work.

Financial Aid Resources

  • Need 1 on 1 Help?

    • Attend a SUNY's FAFSA Information and Completion Nights

    • Schedule a meeting with a local Financial Aid Professional @ Herkimer College 315-866-0300 ext 8307