What do I want to be when I grow up? How do I get there? Do I want to work to live or live to work?

The answers to these types of questions will change numerous times for students throughout their lives. In fact, today’s students will likely have over 15 different jobs before they are 40 years old. School Counselors strive to teach students how to make informed decisions rather than guiding them in any one direction. We believe students need to feel like they have the knowledge to control their destiny.

To identify a career a student firsts needs to know themselves. They have to understand their interests, abilities and values. They need to be exposed to the variety of careers and learn to evaluate how each may impact their desired life outcomes. We push students to explore non-traditional careers that may or may not be visible in our community. For instance, a student cannot pursue a career in marine biology if they don’t know such a career exists. Further education will be necessary for many, be it college, an apprenticeship or certificate program. Most of those programs are run on a college campus, even if they don’t fit what many parents might recognize as college. For this reason, I have included several links regarding the college going process.

Below are some resources that can assist students in exploring various career paths. Some keys for students to remember…

  • Know your interests

  • Know your skills and abilities

  • Know your learning style

  • Know the type of lifestyle you aspire to

  • Know how much education you are willing to complete

  • Be willing to complete the work needed. This may mean passing a class or studying for an exam such as the SAT or ACT in High School. It may also require an apprenticeship, job shadow or continuing to college for an associates, bachelors, masters or doctoral degree.

Over the course of grades 8-12 out students will build career portfolios that encompass everything above. This will occur through a variety of resources. Those include...

  • Naviance: Our primary research tool. A direct link for this website is located on the header of every page of under the heading "Student". The School Counselors provide usernames and passwords to this site for all students. If students forget their password they can contact their school counselor to reset it. Naviance is a great resource to explore a variety of different career possibilities. It includes interest inventories, course recommendations by career, career salaries, college majors for careers, college search tools, a resume maker and so much more.

  • New York State Department of Labor

  • Career One Stop (US Department of Labor)

  • O-Net (US Department of Labor)