Many colleges offer special awards that high schools may present to qualified candidates. Some of these awards have been selected by our school counselor and presented at our annual awards banquet for years. Beginning in 2017 our School Counselor sought out a number of new opportunities and created a Junior Awards program. This allows students to identify which awards they are most interested in and share their qualifications. The applications will be reviewed by a committee of staff from the school and presented at the year end awards ceremony.

The awards we participate in are by no means the only junior awards that colleges offer. With that in mind, if a student is interested in a school they should see if a junior award is available. If there is one, please contact your School Counselor to share the details of the program. We will then research the award and consider adding it to our program.

A full list of the awards the Scholarship Committee will be accepting applications for this year is located in the students Jr. Seminar Google Classroom. Be sure to follow all instructions and turn the award application in by the deadline.