Lunch Prices:

Grades K-3 $2.50 (Reduced cost is .25)

Grades 4-12 $2.60 (Reduced cost is .25)

Milk .60

Free/reduced lunch:

We encourage you to fill out an income eligibility application. Contact the cafeteria if you would like an application. You must re-apply each school year by September 30th.

Charge Policy:

Students in grades K-7 will not be allowed to charge more than three meals. Students in grades 8-12 will not be allowed to charge more than one meal. At these points, parents will receive a mailed letter. After this procedure has been met, all past-due accounts will go to the administration for further action.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Abbruzzese in the cafeteria, 858-0610, ext. 1611.