Art 8
Art 8 is required for all 8th grade students to meet the Junior High Arts requirement in NYS. No credit is offered. Students will meet for one forty-two minute period, every day for 10 weeks. A local final exam or project is required. While in Art 8 the students will create works of art using a variety of techniques, themes and materials. Their experiences will include drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and others. Students learn about famous artists and their styles, cultures and art movements through the different assignments. There will be opportunities to analyze and evaluate their own work and the work of other artists.

Studio in Art (Freshman)
Studio in Art is one of three possible courses that students can take to meet the 1 unit graduation requirement in fine arts. Taking this early in a students High School career allows entrance into more advanced art electives. A local written final exam or project is required. Primarily, students will make works of art that explore different kinds of subject matter, topics and themes. Through their direct contact with various media and by looking at, interpreting and evaluating works of art, the students will develop an appreciation for the skill, achievement and vision of artists. Students will have opportunities to develop their own ideas and to communicate these ideas creatively while developing skill in the use of a variety of art materials, processes and techniques. These include drawing, painting, collage, scratchboard, linoleum block printing, metal embossing and others.

Mixed Media Arts (Sophomore)

Students will have access to multiple art mediums to explore the fundamentals of art. Including but not limited to computer and digital media.

Introduction to Photography (Jr/Sr)

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of composing and taking photographs. Students will learn basics of a manual Single Lens Reflex camera and how to take photographs with 35mm black and white film, how to process and develop into photographs. SLR cameras available.

College Now Ceramics (Jr/Sr)
Ceramics is an advanced elective course for students in grades 11-12. Students taking Ceramics ideally will have taken Studio in Art prior to enrollment. The course will be offered as half or full high school credit depending upon the year. It will also be worth three college credits from Herkimer College if students enroll in the "College Now". A local written final exam or project is required. The ceramics course is designed for the student who is interested in working with clay. We cover many approaches to working with clay including the hand forming techniques using coils and slabs, the pinch method, the sculpture method and the use of the potter's wheel. Students also learn about the application of glazes and underglazes and the handling of clay in general. Students keep a folder with notes and drawings to help develop ideas for their assignments.

College Now Graphics and Design

This course is designed to provide the principles of computer-based graphic design using vector-based drawing and photographic image editing software. Students will create original graphic art and generate composite art based on digital images. Emphasis will be placed on the creative process and how technology, just as traditional mediums, can be used to generate aesthetically pleasing graphic art. Upon successful completion of this course, students who enrolled with the college will receive 3 college credits from Herkimer County Community College.