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Message of Hope Given at Final Tribal Council

The elementary gymnasium was full of fun, laughter and positive messages for the final Tribal Council on June 19.

The Tribal Council began with awards being given to the elementary students. After the awards, it was the sixth grade students’ turn to provide the entertainment, and they sure delivered. Sticking with the theme of the beach day they were going to enjoy later that day, the sixth grade students – who were decked out in their best beach gear – brought out beach balls for the other kids to play with, they danced, and a couple conga lines were formed.

The fun continued when the presenter, Joe Trionfero, was introduced. He presented his “Show of Love,” which is an assembly program that specializes in character education for schools. The message of this particular presentation was “hope.”

Trionfero talked about the importance of having hope, and he compared Broadway show tunes from decades ago to the music that kids listen to now to point out the difference in their messages. Students and family members in attendance got to participate in a fun competition where they named the song or show tune after hearing a brief snippet of it.

Trionfero also called some of the students up to the front of the gym to talk about someone in their family who has spread positivity and how they did so. Students talked about family members who are always spreading hope to others, family members who take the time to give a kind word or pick up litter to help the environment, and more.

Students left the Tribal Council with an understanding of how important hope can be, and how important it is to help spread that hope and positivity to others.

Thank you Joe Trionfero for taking the time to talk to and teach our students about hope!

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students hold beach balls speaker talks to students