The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database

Anyone else overwhelmed by all of the hashtags out there? I love the lists! The lists are very useful, especially Cybraryman’s Educational Hashtag page and Twitter Chat calendar. I even created the Google Hashtag Dictionary. But I needed something with more detail when I can’t decipher the acronym or purpose for the tag or chat. I've collected educational hashtags and related Twitter chats to create a searchable and filterable database. - Kasey Bell via Shake Up Learning


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Google Image Search Tricks Every Teacher Must Know

Did you know that you can search for images without ever leaving your Google Doc? Did you know you can sort by usage rights to avoid copyright infringement? Did you know that you can search by color, size, type, etc.? If you or your students are using images from Google, this is a must-read!


10 Ways to use Google Drawings in the Classroom

Google Drawing isn't often the first tool that comes to mind. However, these 10 ideas will spark your imagination and give you a reason to check this awesome tool out!


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Google Cheat Sheets

If you need quick visual guides for getting started with all things Google, check out these cheat sheets!


10 Popular EdTech Tools That Were Updated This Summer

Some of our favorite tools are now even better. Also, some tools with great potential have added some requested features to make them more classroom friendly!



Teachers, if you teach with any kind of writing and you are looking for a tool that will help your students become more responsible during the revision process, check out www.paperrater.com! Totally free and will even check for plagiarism. Have students enter their rough copies, make changes, and THEN you can give them feedback and spend more time on the development of the writing rather than the spelling and other smaller types of mistakes. So great!


Three Tools to Change Your Classroom This Year

I am often asked by other educators, “What can I do differently this year that won’t completely overwhelm me?” The list that I am sharing here is MY list of three tools that I recommend to teachers who are looking to transform what they do in the classroom. - Ryan Orilio



Take a look around. Try to guess where you are by using geographical clues. Click the place on the map you think you're located. Then click "make guess" to see how close you were to being correct.


Integrate iPads into Bloom's Taxonomy

Use the pedagogy wheel to see what iPad apps work best for the levels within Bloom's Taxonomy.