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Dear Community Member,

Every building, just like your home or business, requires continuous upkeep to replace worn out, damaged and outdated items. Our school is no different. Main entrance

In the Spring of 2016, a Facilities Committee made up of community members, district administrators, staff and design/construction professionals convened to review and prioritize the findings of the 2015 Building Condition Survey of our school campus, which state law says must occur every five years. From that meeting and several other discussions incorporating community input, a scope, or proposed capital project, was developed with an estimated cost of $5.5 million. The scope and budget, which carries no tax increase, were presented to the Board of Education at its June 21, 2017 meeting for consideration.

In an effort to keep our school campus as safe, clean and conducive to learning as possible, the Board of Education has decided to proceed with the proposed capital project by seeking public approval. The public vote is taking place on Wednesday, December 6, from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., at the High School Gymnasium. Prior to the vote in order to give community members an opportunity to learn more about the proposed capital project and to ask questions, a special Community Café Presentation is taking place on Tuesday, November 14, at 5:00 p.m., in the School Cafeteria.

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