The ubiquity of mobile and portable devices keep us connected in all aspects of life. In the case of the 21st-century student, devices and connectivity are essential components of teaching and learning. We each share responsibility as Digital Citizens in creating content, making global connections, and collaboration on meaningful projects. This not only extends learning beyond the classroom but creates a habit of lifelong learning that enriches our community and culture.

The Richfield Springs Central School has always been viewed as an innovative regional leader with technology in education. Simply having devices and a strong infrastructure is not enough. Creating technology-rich learning environments and reinforcing intentional, meaningful opportunities for teaching is key in the success of a rigorous 1:1 program. With a discerning eye on pedagogy and embedded technology practices, students are exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities that equip them for the future.

The Richfield Springs Central School has had a successful 1:1 program since 2009. Currently, students in Pre K-3 are all equipped with an iPad and 4-12 are each equipped with a MacBook Air device. Students all go through Digital Citizenship training which helps them be mindful in regards to technology-related decisions.

The RSCS IT team provides a wealth of professional support services. From technical, instructional, and administrative aspects, they all lead from those roles to positively impact all district stakeholders.

As a technology leader, my three tenets of Service & Support are:

  • Make sure our service & support requestor is heard.

  • Ensure the requestor feels valued.

  • Provide consistent and comprehensive follow up with each request.

I hope that you consider the Richfield Springs Central School as your school of choice.



Coordinator of Educational Technology

Richfield Springs Central School District

Staff Tech Support

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Student & Parent Tech Support


Mr. LaVere

Mr. LaVere

Technology Coordinator
Phone:315-858-0610 ext 2344

Mr. Rogan

Mr. Rogan

Phone:315-858-0610 ext 2341

Mrs. Shaffer

Mrs. Shaffer

Technology Integration Specialist
Phone: 315-858-0610 ext 2340