Our 4th grade content is vast and is listed below!  We utilize the modules and encourage you to gather additional information on www.engageny.org.  It's a great resource for families!
    Module 1A - Haudenosaunee Culture:  focusing on building community by making connections between visual imagery, oral accounts, poetry and written texts of various cultures.
    Module 2A - Colonial America:  focusing on researching to build knowledge and teaching others with the focus on the interdependent roles during colonial times.
    Module 3B - American Revolution:  focusing on building background knowledge of the American Revolution and gaining perspectives of that time.
    Module 4 - Women's Suffrage:  focusing on students reading, writing, and speaking about the topic of voting rights and responsibilities.
    Module 1 - place value, rounding, and algorithms for addition and subtraction
    Module 2 - unit conversions and problem solving with metric measurement
    Module 3 - multi-digit multiplication and division 
    Module 4 - angle measure and plane figures
    Module 5 - fraction equivalence, ordering, and operations
    Module 6 - decimal/fraction relationships
    Module 7 - exploring measurement with multiplication 

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    Mrs. Boss
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    Mr. Downs  
    Mr. Downs
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