•  Mr. Hawkes / RTI Math K-6


    Hello RSCS Students and Families!  I am including some links and ideas for my students who may need some math resources over the next few weeks.  I am also available on email, shawkes@richfieldcsd.org if you have any questions.  I miss all my groups and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!


    For all RTI students K-6:  There is a fantastic website for all students K-6 that I use in my groups that would be easy to use at home.  The website is https://www.math-aids.com/.  Below is a screen shot of the main page. On the far left, in blue, is a list of math concepts.  They are not listed by grade level (with the exception of Kindergarten) but by math skill.


    You can click on a skill or concept and that will take you to a customizable page which is very easy to follow.  These pages are meant to be printed and completed.  Each practice page created will also create an answer key!  However you do not need to print the pages to practice.  It can be used as a starting point for pencil and paper practice.  The image below is what comes up when you click "Addition."  You can then choose what addition help your child needs. Make sure to choose the correct skill.  Some skills on this page are at upper high school levels!


    NYS Math and ELA Released State Questions

    No doubt the kids will not be thrilled with anybody when you start talking about state tests but I am including a link down below that has "Released Questions" and their answer keys from last year's Math and ELA State tests. It is not the full tests but gives many different types of questions asked.  Again, it is another resource to look over at home to keep their brains connected to the content they are studying and will be tested on.....Eventually.  The website is https://www.engageny.org/resource/released-2019-3-8-ela-and-mathematics-state-test-questions and below is a screen shot of what you will see.


    From this page you can click to download last year's Math or ELA state tests which are divided by grade level.  To look at the answer keys and exemplar responses click on "scoring material" link.  They are boring I know but helpful to everybody in this day and age of high stakes testing.  

    Both of these links are the best examples of the "meat and potatoes" Math I find most helpful.  I did not include any Math games or apps.  I assume many folks at home have access to those at home. 

    A mix of the links I have shared above and any Math apps or games are probably the best perscription over the next few weeks.  Focusing on either games or state tests will make your brain hurt.  

    If anyone chooses to use these sites and would find it more helpful to have a hard copy and do not have access to a printer please email me at shawkes@richfieldcsd.org and I will arrange for hard copies to be available for pick up in the main office.