Welcome to the fifth grade. This will be quite a transition year for your child as a student and young person. Our students will have some math practice almost every night. If they are not in band or chorus, they may get it done in study hall. Otherwise they will have some work to do at home. There should not be more than 30 minutes of homework to do or they are doing late work.

    Please check your child's agenda book to see if they have written down their assignments or other important things to remember. Math practice is done at home and parents MAY help their kids if needed.  This is not graded per se.  They bring it in the next day, we go over examples and they get a daily quiz that is graded on the practice and classwork they did.  If they don't pay attention in class and practice, they will not do well in Math this year. Students get a grade based on the number of practices they turn in completed.4 practices complete=100. 3 practices complete= 85, 2 practices=70, 1 practice=50 and 0 practices=0.  If you have any need to contact me or to send in a note, the agenda is a good way to do that. You may also call me at home with any questions at 858-7088.

     Parents can help us out in school by reviewing general etiquette rules with your child. These rules include:

    1. When an adult is speaking you should be listening-not interrupting.

    2. When someone is trying to do work, you should not be disrupting and depriving that person of the environment they need to do their work.

    3. If someone does not like something you are doing- you need to stop. This includes bullying and harassment.

    Thank you for your attention to these matters. Our fifth graders are having a very difficult time with these basics. I will be contacting some of you very soon for a parent conference to get your child off on a better start than they have to this point.

    I would like to take this time to thank this year's parents for helping your child to have a successful year.  Please continue to talk to them, make sure they have their work done and stress the importance of always trying their best in no matter what they attempt.  I am looking forward to watching them grow during their years at RSCS.