• World Language Club!

    Scotland! Japan! France! Argentina! Spain!

    Please join us as we explore different cultures from around the globe! World Language Club welcomes any Richfield student 7-12. The club officers work hard to create fun and interesting activities throughout the school year!


    When do we meet? - About once a month from 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm

    What do we do? - Explore different cultures and cuisines 

    Can I be an officer? - Yes! Students 7-12 may apply to be officers (we will vote at the beginning of the year on 4 club office positions). 

    Can I submit ideas? - YES! The World Language cCub will accept requests for club activities.

    What is our end of the year activity? - It's up to you! We will raise money and vote on an activty. 


    Any other questions feel free to email your Foreign Language Club facilitators: Mrs. Cotto (acotto@richfieldcsd.org) or Mrs. Vanderwerken (svanderwerken@richfieldcsd.org)


     Check out these pictures of some of the 2016-2017 Foreign Language Club activities!